Hi there! I'm Celeste Acosta
(aka Celestineia)
Digital Project Manager, making ideas happen powered by innovation and curiosity.

About Me

I was born and raised in La Patagonia, more specifically, in Usuhaia, Tierra del Fuego. I moved to Buenos Aires when I was 7 and lived there until 2018, when I moved to The Netherlands. 

I fell in love with the internet since I was a kid and my parents gave me my first computer. And from that moment I knew I wanted to make awesome things there, so I started working on advertising right after I finished high school. 

First, on content management and social media, and then as a Project Manager.
I have now 8 years working with brands, helping them make their ideas happen. 

Every project I manage, I do it with passion, enthusiasm, and resilience. Always pushing boundaries, looking for a way of innovating and learning something new. Challenges not only motivate me, but also drive me forward and inspire me to be and do better. 


Some examples of my recent work.

Led the build of a custom CMS to admin and integrate all their LATAM websites and mini websites. And the production of a 360 Creative campaign for the launch of the flat iron, Wet2Straight, for all Latin America. That included, offline and online activations, a mini-website, social media campaign, promo videos, etc.

Produced digital assets creation and rich media campaigns.

I was in charged of launching a promotional website for a product called “Instant-pedi” for Mexico, as part of the creative campaign.

Led several rich media campaigns, animation pieces, and production of digital assets. Also I worked on an offline activation to promote Google Home and some other products.

Produced a creative campaign on Instagram for the launch of a new product (tic-tac GUM), which included animations and illustrations.

Produced digital assets creation and rich media campaigns.

Project lead, in charge of overseeing the production of all their digital assets, animations pieces, rich media campaigns and creative executions for all their markets (EMEA, LATAM, APAC, US).

Won the "campaign of the month" award for a take over made for Jessica Jones S2

I was in the lead of their online community and I managed their online content for all their social channels. I was also part of the creative process when we pitched ideas.

Led the production of the website for the Millennial Awards ’16.

Produced digital assets creation and rich media campaigns.


When I have time and a big idea, I make it happen. These are some examples of some collaborative projects I've worked on based on my own ideas. Most of them were born after doing some research on social media and they aim to solve a social problem for the local community of Buenos Aires.


Collaborative tool to check and report power outages on different points of Argentina.


Website to add and find venues to buy and add credit to the SUBE card.


In order to help the victims of the flood in August of 2005 we created a map to find and add different donation points across Buenos Aires.


Website made to check the status of the Buenos Aires Subway in real time.

Let's stay in touch!

I love to chat and meet new people. Some of my favourite topics are technology, videogames, pop culture, food, cats, feminism, movies, memes and internet related stuff.